400 MHz FT – NMR Spectrometer (Liquid & Solid Multi Nuclei Probe)

Model: 400MHz FT NMR, Avance III
Make : Bruker


Nuclei have spin and all nuclei are electrically charged. If an external magnetic field is applied, energy transfer takes place between base energy to higher energy level. The energy transfer takes place at a wavelength that corresponds to radio frequencies. When the spin returns to its base level, energy is emitted at the same frequency.

Solid-State NMR Applications:

Directly collect spectra by filing the sample in sample tube in solid probe. The extremely fast (25 ns) phase, frequency and amplitude switching characteristics of the AVANCE III are of great benefit for advanced solid state NMR experiments. Modulated decoupling and recoupling sequences are easily programmed and accurately executed with high-precision RF phase and frequency stability


The FT- NMR platform for life-science and materials research study. Used for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical sciences, metabolomics, nutritional science and molecular diagnostics research. The technique is useful for structure identification of Organic, Inorganic and Polymer compounds.


Avance III 400MHz FT NMR Liquid with solid multi nuclei probe The AVANCE III features the most advanced RF generation in the industry, a unique digital lock for superb experimental stability, and second-generation digital receiver (2G-DR technology) for high dynamic range, high digital resolution and large bandwidth digital filtering. The result is the extremely fast Avance III spectrometer with 25 ns event timing (12.5 ns clock), including simultaneous phase, frequency and amplitude switching and unsurpassed RF performance, enabling even the most demanding new solid-state NMR experiments.

• Liquid with Solid Probe
• Multi nuclei Probe
• Patented Direct Digital Synthesis

• Timing Resolution 12.5 ns

• Minimum event time 25 ns

• Single Chip RF generation

• Highest Phase resolution (0.0055°)

• Highest Frequency resolution (0.005 Hz)


1D NMR - 1H(PMR), 13C(CMR), DEPT 90, DEPT 135, 13C APT, 19F, 31P, 29Si, 27Al.
Other NMR active nuclei.
Low Temperature Range - (-80°)C to (+80°)C