Wavelength-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry(WD-XRF)

Model: AxiosMAX
Make: PANalytical, Netherland



Description: 4Kw, WD-XRF Basic system
X-ray tube: Ultra thin Be window (75µm)
O to U solid sample and Liquid sample

Scintillation and flow counter detection

Omnian Standard less, TOXAL module, WROXI Mineral and mining Modules.

Sample Loading:
sample is loaded 180 degrees away from sample analysis position

Generator Stability:
0.00006% per 1% mains variation

Anode to sample distance: Distance is 16mm

Slewing speed: 40° 2 q/s

Goniometer max scanning speed:
600° 2q/min

Angular reproducibility:
0.0001 ° q, 2q



Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (WD-XRF) is an analytical method to determine the elemental composition of all kinds of materials. The materials that can be analyzed are solids, liquids, powders and filters. WD-XRF is fast, accurate, non-destructive and usually require minimum sample preparation. WD-XRF can analyze elements from Beryllium to Uranium and from trace levels to 100% levels.


  • WD-XRF is very useful instrument in Research and development purposes. Applications are very broad and include metal, cement, Soil surveys, Mining,Steel, Ceramic and glass manufacturing, Metallurgy (quality control), Environmental studies (analyses of particulate matter on air filters and analysis of waste materials), Petroleum industry (e.g., sulfur, lead in petroleum products),Field analysis in geology,ceramic and glass industries.It is also used for the characterization of toxic metals (As, Cd, Cr, Hg, Pb etc.) content in pharmaceuticals, plastics and food industries.

WROXI (Wide Range Oxides Module) oxides and their concentration ranges (wt %):

Pre-calibration package for wide variety of oxides, sulphates, phosphates, silicates, rocks, soil and geological and mining samples.
Na2O 0-58, MgO 0-78, Al2O3 0-78, SiO2 0-80, P2O5 0-40, SO3 0-59, K2O 0-40, CaO 0-80, TiO2 0-40, V2O5 0-10, Cr2O3 0-10, Mn3O4 0-80, Fe2O3 0-81, NiO 0-12, CuO 0-8, ZnO 0-10, SrO 0-20, ZrO2 0-43, BaO 0-43, HfO2 0-10, PbO 0-10.

TOXEL(Toxic Elements Module):

Pre-calibration package for wide variety of oxides, sulphates, phosphates, silicates, rocks, soil and geological and mining samples
Cr( 0 to 24.8 ppm), Cd(0 to 24.8 ppm), Hg(0 to 5.3 ppm), Pb(0 to 22.3 ppm), As(0 to 6.4 ppm), Ni(0 to 10.6 ppm), Cu( 0 to 25.1 ppm), Zn(0 to 5.1 ppm), Ba( 0 to 600.7 ppm) and Br(0 to 163.3 ppm).

OMNIAN SOFTWARE :( Standard less Software):

Complete composition of most types of unknown materials can be quantified with a single calibration program. Calibration set up with a selected range of reference materials to calibrate the instrument response covers all common elements that can be measured by XRF: by default O-U.

Makes use of (a form of) Fundamental Parameter (FP) calculations to correct for all sample-matrix specific properties.