Gas Chromatograph (GC) Gas Chromatograph with Head Space(GC-HS)

2. GC - HS

Model: Turbo matrix – 40

Make: Perkin Elmer


 • Forty vials can be loaded.

• Attach with FID GC


Useful for finding % purity and impurity profile of Petroleum Hydrocarbon, Flavours, Drugs, Pesticides and solvents. Analysis of gaseous sample. Detection of residual chlorinated compounds. Detection of trace level of solvents in drugs.

Detection of volatile organic content in drugs, dyes, carbohydrates and polymers etc by GC-HS.

1. GC

Model: Auto System XL

Make: Perkin Elmer


• FID Detector: Temp Range: 100°C to 450°C,

• TCD Detector: Temp Range: 100°C to 350°C

• ECD Detector: Temp up to 450°C

• NPD Detector: Temp up to 250°C

• Oven Temp: Temp range : 40°C to 290°C

• Pack or Capillary column can be used

• Auto sampler is attached to GC (ECD & NPD) Detector

• Capillary column: BP – 5, PE-Wax, BP-1 (100 meters) etc