Gel Permeation Chromatograph (GPC)

Model: Turbo matrix – 40

Make: Perkin Elmer

Brief Description:

Gel Permeation Chromatography is the most common used technique to find out the molecular weight distribution in polymers, resins, oils, oligomers, organic compounds.

• Measuring range may vary from very low to very high molecular weight in THF system only..

• The typical GPC System consists of injector, column, Refractive Index detector

• This system has the software for characterization techniques to find Number average molecular weight, Weight average molecular weight, Z average Mz, Z+1 average, n-1 average molecular weight, Viscosity average molecular weight, and Polydispersity.


Analysis of Polymers like Polyethylenes, Polypropelenes, LDPP, HDPP, Polystyrenes, Polyurathene, Polyether Sulphone, Epoxy Resins, Silicone Fluids, PVC, Light Mineral oil, Paraffin wax, Prepolymers, Polyethylene Glycols etc.