Model: Camag, HPTLC Make:Switzerland

Brief Description:

TLC Scanner with CAT Software:For densitometry evaluation of TLC plates and electrophoresis objects with spectral range of 190-800 nm, scanning in reflectance or transmittance mode either by absorbance or by fluorescence for nitrogen flushing for scanning below 200nm.
TLC Scanner III:With three light sources-mercury vapour lamp, deuterium lamp, or tungsten.
LINOMAT 5Sample dosage syringe selectable 100μlor500μl.Gas supply 4-6 bar (60-90PSI) preferably nitrogen
REPROSTAR 3 with G5 Digital Camera• 254nm “short-wave” UV• 302 nm “mid-range” UV• 254nm “short-wave” UV• 366nm“ long-wave” UV• 400-700nm“white light”
HPTLC is a versatile separation technique and is official in the most of the pharmacopoeias for determining content uniformity, purity profile, assay values and dissolution rates in unlimited number of monographs.


• In bio-chemistry for separation & screening of complex
• Product such as amino acid, purines, nucleotides, toxic & carcinogenic compounds.
• Pharmaceutical laboratories, for analysis of drugs, antibiotics, vitamins and other product.
• Analysis of pesticide and insecticides.
• In cosmetic industry for analysis of dyes and perfumes.
• In the study of natural products.
• For the useful identification and conformation purpose.
• Analysis of Assay marker compounds.