Ion Chromatography

Model: ICS 1500

Make: Dionex


• Electro Chemical Detector, UV Detector

• Available column:
Ion Pac CS 12A(2 mm) , Ion Pac CS 5A(2mm), Ion Pac AS 11(2mm)
& AminoPack (2mm)
• High pressure pump

Brief Description:

Ion chromatography: The Dionex ICS-1500 Ion chromatography system(ICS-1500) performs ion analysis using suppressed or non suppressed conductivity detection . Ion chromatography system typically consists of liquid eluent, a high pressure pump,sample injector ,a guard column and a separation column, a chemical suppressor, a conductivity cell and a data collection system


• Biochemical species, amino acids, proteins
• Halides and other ion speciation in petroleum products
• Halide Speciation of Detergents; determination of fluoride, chloride, bromide and iodide counter-ions as well as halide containing ions such as bromite, bromate, chlorite and chlorate.
• Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals and Intermediates
• Ionic species in plating baths and treatment baths
• Acidic thermal decomposition products in polymer materials
• Ionic contamination in critical components
• Trace levels analysis of fluoride and bromide in brines, HCL
• Electrochemical and UV detection for anions
• Conductivity detection for anions and cations
• Sulfates detection in denatured Ethanol by IC
• Anion Profiles of Health & Personal Care Products; including analysis of free and complexed ions such as chloride, fluoride, sulphate, phosphates, sequestrants/chelating agents