Model: LCQ Fleet and TSQ Quantum Access with Surveyor Plus HPLC System

Make:Thermo Scientific , USA




• Rapid and reliable for compound detection and structural identification.
• Useful for identification of drugs, organic intermediate compound and non volatile
• Wide variety of application including pharmaceuticals, environmental, food
safety, clinical research and forensics
• Identification of natural products.
• Xcalibar TM for data system
• Metworks: Metabolite indentification
• Mass Fronter : Spectral management tools.

Brief Description:

LC-MS-MS is useful for rapid compound detection and structural identification. It has ability to scan for more than 300 analytes in a single experiment and with fast positive and negative switching. It is very much useful for multi residue screening.




LCQ Fleet Ion Trap LC/MSn
• Mass range: 50-2000 amu.
• MSn , for n=1 through 10.
• ESI source, APCI source.
• Enhanced sensitivity and ruggedness.
• Differential- pumped vacuum system to 10-5 torr.
• Sweep gas TM reduces chemical noise.
• Removable metal ion capillary tube provides vent free maintenance.

TSQ Quantum Access TM

• Mass range: 30-3000 amu.
• Zero cross-talk collision cell-eliminate false positives.
• H-SRM dwell time of 2ms-quantitate hundreds of compounds in a single
run for multi-residue screening.
• Robust and sensitive ionization sources.
• ESI source, APCI source

Surveyor Plus HPLC system with Auto sampler and PDA Detector

• Pump: dual piston delivery system, built-in vacuum degasser.
• Pressure range: 0 to 5800 PSI (0 to 400 bar) at flow rates upto 2 ml/min.
• 0 to 400 bar at flow rates greater than 2 ml/min.
• Operating temperature: 100 ºC to 400 ºC .ow pressure system.