Model: HMV-2T Make: Shimadzu


• Maximum load: 19.61 N

• Test load range: 10 to 2000 gf in 9 steps.

• Load duration: 5 second to 999 seconds in 1 sec Increment

• Highest measuring accuracy: 0.01μ

• Grain size/surface measurement by length mode

• Optical micro photographic system

• Easy case depth hardness study with the help of scatter

• Histogram display

• Thin specimen attachment

• Knoop indenter

• Universal vice

• CCD camera attachment

• Sample: In solid form having mirror like finish (scratch free)

Brief Description:

• Wide test load range (10 to 2000 gf in 9 step) selection

• Loading and unloading in automated sequence

• Wide load duration time

• Vickers, Knoop, Brinell, Triangular pyramid compatibility

• Highest measuring accuracy is 0.01m m


• Grain size/surface measurement by length mode
• It can be used as Metallurgical Microscope Statistical calculation of hardness value by display/ print out, converted value in graph (scatter graph & histogram)
• Micro photography system compatibility with CCD camera