Model: ESEM EDAX XL-30
Make: Philips, Netherlands

Brief Description:

Scanning Electron Microscope XL 30 ESEM with EDAX: Resolution : upto 2; Acc. voltage: 30 kV; Magnification: upto 2,50,000x

A versatile electron microscope that combines high vacuum, low vacuum and Environmental modes into one instrument
Highly flexible
Capability of operation at higher gas pressure in the chamber, pure secondary electron detection and full compatibility with water vapor, to prevent hydrated samples from drying out
Important for study of surface topography
EDS system is important for chemical analysis at micro level and has better resolution for qualitative and quantitative analysis




Electron Optical System:

1. Emission current:0 to 200 μA
2. Accelerating Voltage: 0.2 to 30 kv
3. Resolution: With LaB6 filament 2nm at 30 kv,
With W filament 3.5nm at 30 kv

ESEM + EDS is useful for R & D work on structural as well chemical studies of various alloys, carbon fibers, semiconductor compounds and 3-D surface study of different biological samples, etc.

Surface and Structural Materials Analysis:
Microstructural characterization includes the analysis of materials, polymers, films, coatings, pharmaceuticals, raw materials, metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, food, dust, contaminants and other products. The SEM labs provide elemental analysis of solid samples, impurities, and the identification of physical and chemical defects. The laboratories provide analytical expertise to support research, failure analysis, troubleshooting, quality control and other requirements.

Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis :
SEM/EDAX analysis of small particles by scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDAX) is possible without destruction or injury to the sample. SEM/EDAX provides qualitative elemental analysis and element localization on samples being analyzed.

Scanning System:

1. Magnification:10x to 400000x or higher
2. Automatic scaled micron marker

Specimen Handling:

1. Eucentric goniometer stage
2. Specimen movement: X=50mm,Y=50mm
3. Rotation: n x 360 degrees
4. Z movement: 25mm internal & external

Electron Detectors:

1. Secondary and back scattered electron detectors