Model: Tecnai 20, Make: Philips, Holland


• Electron Source:- W emitter and LaB6

• Accelerating Voltage:- 200 kv

• Objective lens:- S- TWIN

• Point Resolution: 0.27 nm or better

• Line Resolution : 2.0 nm or better

• Magnification : 25x to 750000x or higher

• Single tilt holder with CCD Camera


• Morphology, crystal structure, interface structure, crystal defects can be studied

•  Study of biological micro organisms.

•  Particle Size measurement

•  Liposomes

•  Single crystal Diffraction

•  Virus & Bacterial study

• Transmission Electron Microscope is highly advanced and state-of-the-art instrument.

• It uses electron beam optics to achieve very high magnifications of the order of 750,000x

• It collects a wide range of signals carrying valuable information. Tecnai 20 has been especially designed to acquire and process these signals efficiently and effectively.

• The combination of high-resolution imaging, bright field, dark field, electron diffraction and detailed microanalysis makes the Tecnai 20 a key to material analysis.

• Tecnai 20 has S-TWIN objective lens for high resolution, while maintaining high tilts (maximum 40° ) and a Comp Stage for accurate specimen control and exceptional mechanical stability.

• The fundamental understanding of a material’s properties starts with a thorough characterization of the material morphology, crystal structure, interface structure, surfaces and defects all have their influence on the properties of material. Transmission Electron Microscope has proven to be a very powerful technique for studying a range of general and advanced materials down to the nm level.