Model: Autograph AG100KNG
Shimadzu, Japan


• Tensile strength of Fabrics, Tires, Cords, Polymers, Plastics, Rubber, Steel, Composite etc. Compression tests, Bending test, inter laminar shear strength (ILSS).

Brief Description:

Universal Testing Machine: Universal Testing Machine Simadzu AG 100 KNG Range: 1 kgf to 10,000 kgf; 1 kgf, 5000 kgf, 10,000 kgf load cells Bending, compression, inter laminar shear strength (ILSS) testing of materials.

• Universal Testing Machine is a fully automated universal testing machine for complete and comprehensive determination of physical strength, stress, strain, tensile, compression, bending, peeling, fatigue tests on various specimens.

• It offers the high resolution and accuracy.

• Static strength testing of various materials is possible with optional testing accessories for tensile, bending, compression, torsion & atmosphere testing.

• Materials with low testing force like films, fibers and general plastics, as well as relatively strong materials such as fiber-reinforced plastic, plywood, metals, steel etc. can also be tested

• Shimadzu UTM performs ISO, BS, DIN, ASTM and JIS standard testing.


• Capacity:-100 kN (10000 kgf)

• Load Measuring Accuracy:- ± 0.5% of indicated load

• Cross head speed range:- 0.05 to 1000 mm/min

• Cross head speed precision:- ± 0.1%

• Effective test width:- 575 mm.

• Tensile test device (non-shift wedge type device 100kN)

• Compression test device

• Three point bending test device

• Shearing test device

• Load Cell of 100kN, 5kN, 1kgf

• Clamps for fiber specimens

• 1kgf load cell for fiber specimen