X-Ray Diffractometer Advance -8

Model: D8 Advance
Make: Bruker


The high-speed energy-dispersive LYNXEYE XE-T detector uniquely combines fast data collection with unprecedented filtering of fluorescence and Kβ radiation. Its proprietary Variable Active Detector Window and the Motorized Anti-Scatter Screen (MASS) enable data collection from lowest 2θ angles without parasitic low-angle background scattering, in particular air scattering. The fully automated MASS retraction avoids beam cropping, even in combination with continuously variable slits that provide superb counting statistics over the whole angular range..


X-Ray Sources:

  • The industry-grade metal-ceramic sealed tube for line or spot focus.
  • The patented TWIST-TUBE for fast and easy switching between line and spot focus.
  • The microfocus X-ray (IµS) source boosts the intensity on small spots while consuming only very little power.
  • He TURBO X-RAY SOURCE (TXS) rotating anode provides highest intensities for line, spot and micro focus applications.
  • The revolutionary METALJET, based on liquid metal jet technology, provides unmatched X-ray source brilliance.


  • The LYNXEYE XE-T is based on silicon strip technology and features an unmatched energy resolution.


  • DIFFARAC. EVA, Database Library, ICSD Database, perpetual License.

Goniometer :

  • Full-sized goniometer class powder XRD under ambient and non-ambient conditions .Theta / Theta , Theta /2Theta


  • Attachment for Grazing incidence Diffraction(GID).
  • Attachment of  Small angle X-Rays scattering(SXAS).
  • Thin Film attachment. 
  • TRIO – Three in One

The TRIO™ optic is the key component of the D8 ADVANCE meeting the specific demands on the instrument resolution of the three most commonly used X-ray diffraction geometries in one single optic: Divergent beam for conventional powder diffraction (XRPD) High intensity parallel beam for capillary experiments, height insensitive measurements, surface sensitive grazing incidence geometry (GID), coating thickness determination (XRR) and micro-diffraction (μXRD) Pure Cu-Kα1 parallel beam for high-resolution diffraction (HRXRD) of epitaxial thin films and low symmetry powder samples.


The D8 Advanced is ana all purpose X-Ray analyzer which can be configured for all powder diffraction application, Including phase identification , quantitative phase analysis, reitveld refinement and structure analysis .

X-ray diffraction is widely used to identify crystalline phases, measure crystallite sizes, lattice parameters, orientation and provide quantitative phase analysis and atomic coordinates. This information is important for relating the production of a material to its structure and hence its properties. As well as being of academic interest, X-ray results are used in patent disputes, forensically and for quality control. Compound Identification areas:

• Inorganic Materials        • Organic Materials        • Minerals        • Metal + Alloys        • Forensic Material       • Zeolites       • Explosive Materials      

• Super conducting Material       • Cement Materials       • Correction Product       • Polymer Material       • Detergent Product       • Pigments      

• Pharmaceutical Product       • Ceramic Materials       • Kidney Stones