Model:Tecnai 20
Make:Philips, Holland

Electron Source:- W emitter and LaB Accelerating Voltage:- 200 kv
Objective lens:- S- TWIN Point Resolution: 0.27 nm or better
Line Resolution : 2.0 nm or better Magnification : 25x to 750000x or higher
Single tilt holder with CCD Camera
Morphology, crystal structure, interface structure, crystal defects can be studied Study of biological micro organisms.
Particle Size measurement Liposomes
Single crystal Diffraction Virus & Bacterial study
Transmission Electron Microscope is highly advanced and state-of-the-art instrument.
It uses electron beam optics to achieve very high magnifications of the order of 750,000x
It collects a wide range of signals carrying valuable information. Tecnai 20 has been especially designed to acquire and process these signals efficiently and effectively.
The combination of high-resolution imaging, bright field, dark field, electron diffraction and detailed microanalysis makes the Tecnai 20 a key to material analysis.
Tecnai 20 has S-TWIN objective lens for high resolution, while maintaining high tilts (maximum 40° ) and a Comp Stage for accurate specimen control and exceptional mechanical stability.
The fundamental understanding of a material’s properties starts with a thorough characterization of the material morphology, crystal structure, interface structure, surfaces and defects all have their influence on the properties of material. Transmission Electron Microscope has proven to be a very powerful technique for studying a range of general and advanced materials down to the nm level.